The Ultimate Guide to Infusing Your Drinks

Infused drink

Flavoured alcoholic spirits are nothing new: from strawberry vodka to cucumber gin, taste-savvy customers have been demanding ever-more flavourful drinks to enjoy in their cocktails, or simply drink alone. But creating these concoctions often means using artificial flavourings and sweeteners, which are becoming increasingly outdated in our health-conscious modern world.
So the solution has been to go back to basics and infuse booze with real fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, to ensure a truly authentic natural flavour that includes no nasty chemicals or additives to boot. Many bars and restaurants have begun to create and serve their own infused vodka, gin, tequila and even whiskey, as well as alcohol-free drinks such as fruit infused water with great success, and it’s so simple to do that there’s no reason why you can’t too. Read More…

Would you dare to offer Meat Free Mondays?


With the low and slow cooked meat trend lingering and restaurants up and down the country seemingly still perfecting their signature burger, you might find it hard to believe that customers may actually welcome a reduction in meat on your menu. Research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Eating Better, suggests you may want to consider making a few menu swaps. According to the survey published December 2014, one in five people in the UK have cut back on the amount of meat they are eating and a further one in three say they are willing to think about eating less meat. Read More…

Restaurant awards to bring your business acclaim


Turning happy customers into advocates for your business is one of the most powerful, and free, marketing tools available, but did you know that nearly eight in ten people who ask friends for restaurant recommendations will go on to conduct further research themselves? Ensuring you always provide excellent customer service will certainly help spread your business name but whether you have a large marketing budget, or none at all, there are lots of other ways you can win the attention of potential customers. Read More…

How Much Customisation Should You Offer Your Customers?


For waiting and kitchen staff, a customer who states exactly how they want their food can sometimes be a little intimidating. Perhaps they want to swap some sides, change a topping or put their salad dressing on the side – all small switches – but if your team isn’t prepped to handle this kind of customisation, diners can be left disappointed. Read More…

The Glittering World of Brazilian Cuisine


You could say that the carnival that is the Brazilian food trend has been a long time coming in the UK. Back in 2013 Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing was among many tipping Brazilian cuisine to be the next big thing in Britain, when he revealed in an interview with Culture Trip that a meeting with Brazil’s Alex Atala of DOM fame had convinced him of the potential of the cuisine to take hold here. Read More…

Why Loose Leaf Tea Will Be a Refreshing Change for Your Menu


Any restaurant or café owner worth their pink Himalayan salt knows that to make your menu stand out from the crowd, you have to pay attention to the details. ‘Standard’ offerings don’t hit the mark anymore if you want to be noticed by taste-savvy consumers, and one of the most traditional menu mainstays that is beginning to fall by the wayside is tea in its ubiquitous teabag. Read More…

Are you catering for solo diners?


Grabbing lunch between meetings, dining while away on business or simply popping out on a Sunday when cooking a roast for one seems like too much hassle; there are plenty of reasons why your customers may choose to eat alone. Are you doing enough to cater for solo diners? Read More…


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